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  1. Clients are always encouraged to follow the advice of their GP or hospital consultant and must never stop taking prescribed medication without consulting their Physician. Frequency Therapies always advise clients to inform their GP/Medical Professional that they have been booked to receive/have received treatment/therapy outside their regular care.

  2. This website provides several testimonials from genuine client experiences and in their own words. Please note that results are different for everyone.

  3. Frequency Therapies makes no claims to guaranteeing results for you.

  4. All personal data and client records kept on paper file, are held in a secure filing cabinet, which is locked on site at our premises. These records are safeguarded and maintained by Farah Hussain-Box (data controller) and can only be accessed by her. All personal data held electronically is password or passcode protected. We hold this data to be able to contact you about our sessions or workshops you have registered for, for insurance purposes and to maintain adequate and accurate business and financial records.

  5. If you are a client or former client, we will retain your information for 7 years following the last occasion on which treatment was given.

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