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Testimonials: Testimonials

Farah has completely transformed my mindset and helped me make huge shifts that have been life changing. I went to Farah with many self-limiting beliefs and one by one, Farah and I had our sessions together and I instantly felt shifts during each session. Since my time with Farah during our Hypnotherapy sessions I am being my true authentic self, pursuing a coaching course and have been offered a new job! I’m so thankful for my time with Farah & the results and can’t recommend her enough.


Farah had all sessions well prepared. All was well explained, well researched, very comfortable environment, soft voice; Farah has a lovely personality! I feel more confident, happy, worry-less. I think more about my feelings and triggers and more self-aware. It was really wonderful-I didn't know what to expect, but the sessions were amazing. Very easy interaction, clear language and communication and expectations.


Farah is an extremely skilled, professional hypnotherapist. She expertly supports her client to get right down to the cause of the issue.  She has helped me to work through some deep-rooted issues, things I have been carrying for many years.  I whole heartedly recommend working with Farah especially when all else has failed, thank you for your caring and supportive expertise!


I can unreservedly recommend Farah. She is very competent in her skills, very friendly, and quickly built a rapport between us. We did some important work together which was a great help and has given me tools to continue to get the best from life’s opportunities and avoid the pitfalls when inevitably tough things come along. A heartfelt thank you.


I reached out to Farah for help with issues that stemmed from my Childhood. Farah is very kind and professional and I’m absolutely delighted with the results that I have achieved. I would recommend her to everyone.


I have been using Farah for a few months now and the shifts in my mental health I have felt are indescribable. The impact of the therapy I have received has changed my life for the better, I have healed and overcome problems I never thought I’d release from my mind. The trust I have in Farah is like no other, I always feel safe and at ease when I’m working with her and couldn’t recommend her services any higher if I tried. THANK YOU SO MUCH FARAH!


Farah's hypnotherapy has absolutely changed my life. I've recently gone to her for help with Arachnophobia that I've had since I was a young child. After only the second session, I got rid of a house spider from my kitchen with a glass and cardboard without my pulse even raising. After my third session, I got rid of a smaller one from my front door in the same way - my partner saw me do it that time and could hardly believe it. I could not be more astonished and delighted at how well this therapy has worked for me, with absolute evident results. I highly recommend Farah's treatments to anyone, she's really easy to talk to, kind and professional.


As a therapist I know the importance of body and mind. And even though we have our tools to help others we cannot always help ourselves. Meeting and connecting with Farah has been a true god send. You know instantly in her presence help is coming! She is gentle, none judgmental and has a vast array of healing tools to help anyone find their answers that lie deep within. Farah I cannot thank you enough from deep in my heart for the work you have done for me the last few weeks. You are a true healing gem in this world.

Trust me she is worth the wait so don't walk to her wait list RUN


I started working with Farah a couple of months back and I have to say that it has been an amazing journey. I have been suffering with Long Covid for nearly two and a half years which has impacted me physically and my mental wellbeing. I am in a much stronger place than I have been for so long. My mind is so much clearer and positive, I feel like a new woman. I have also learnt not to be so hard on myself, to love and respect myself. Farah, you are #amazing!!! I am so happy that I met you, and thank you again for everything you have done for me, I will never forget.


"I visited Farah for hypnotherapy after struggling with severe anxiety and I'm so glad that I did!


I immediately warmed to Farah and her strength of character. I knew she was the lady for the job! Farah's treatment room is so relaxing with lots of crystals and holistic reading material.


Farah took the time to understand my background and get to know me in order to structure a treatment plan. I attended weekly sessions, which I left feeling like I was floating on a cloud. Friends would often comment on how relaxed I looked after I left.

The hypnotherapy was so relaxing and emotional at times as Farah was able to tap into my subconscious and identify the initial events from many years ago that were causing my anxiety. Farah helped me conclude these painful events and rationalise them subconsciously. Farah also gave me strategies to manage situations when I can feel myself being triggered. I still use these now and they're very effective!


I can highly recommend getting in touch with Farah if you have things holding you back or causing you anxiety."


Testimonials: Testimonials

I reached out to Farah during a desperate time in my life. Being diagnosed with cancer for the third time, I was absolutely terrified. I wanted to live my life or what's left of it with joy and happiness but fear did not allow this.

I had hypnotherapy for eight sessions with Farah and my life has changed so much for the better. I am able to go to scans and results day with a calmness I have never felt in my life.

The fear has been put back in its correct position and I am able to deal with all of the scary stuff with ease. If you are thinking it may work for you give it a go. Best thing i ever did.

Farah is a lovely warm person who understands the mind....and helped me live life to the full , rather than the desperate, anxious state I had become. I would also be happy if you wanted to ask me any questions about my treatment and experience of hypnotherapy with Farah.


I Highly Recommend Farah. I went to see Farah due to low self-esteem, confidence issues and to work on some deep-rooted trauma, that I was carrying from my childhood. Farah explained every session clearly, and has a calming, soothing voice, which made me feel completely comfortable and safe to fully embrace the hypnotherapy.
She helped me release and reframe the trauma, and helped me grow in confidence. Since my sessions, I feel so much more calmer, happier and confident, it's made a huge difference in my life. Thank you Farah.


I suffer from a chronic pain condition Fibromyalgia. I have been seeing Farah for 6 months and I can honestly say I’ve never felt so light, happy and clear headed (and therefore in less pain) when I leave each session. All worries thoughts and anxieties drift away after sitting with Farah for a couple of hours. I wish I could see her every day.

But seriously, the tools and techniques she has taught me have been invaluable for helping with pain, sleep and anxious thoughts.

I’ve decided to continue to see Farah monthly to help support my practice at home and talk through any issues that arise. Thank you Farah for all you help.


I went to see Farah due to trauma from a few years ago which I knew I needed to address but never found the right person before to work on it with. The most important thing for me was that she held a safe space for me to start addressing that trauma through hypnosis.

Having had a few sessions, I do feel so much better and sometimes in ways that I did not expect. It's hard to put into words but my brain feels clearer, I feel better for starting to address the trauma and I feel much calmer and more confident in myself.

For anyone that is considering hypnotherapy with Farah, I would highly recommend!

I love our sessions and think that Farah is great :)

Thank you Farah!


Testimonials: Testimonials

I was a bottler, a wall builder and emotionally unavailable, to mention a few. To be happy, it took a lot of effort and manufacturing of dopamine releases through food, drink and TV, again, to mention a few. I just accepted that was who I was until it became exhausting. When you don’t know what is preventing you from being who you want to be, when you experience negative emotions for so long that people assume that's just who you are, a stress head, a worrier, an anxious person etc., then honestly, give hypnotherapy a try.


I was sceptical because in the past, I had seen other hypnotherapists, and it didn’t do anything, but Farah, a highly educated scientist who now specialises in hypnotherapy, has changed my mindset as I knew it. I can’t remember when was the last time I gave up halfway through a day, put myself to bed with comfort food, closed the blinds and watched TV hiding from the world.


I now find it easy to say no to urges, eat better, and stop drinking; these are all things I have always wanted to do but could never stick to. I am more driven, focused and content because, again, this is what I wanted. Partly to do with giving drinking and eating better, I now also sleep better, wake up full of energy and in a great mood about what I can get done that day and, although what annoys me still annoys me, instead of stressing out or becoming anxious, infecting everyone around me with my heavy negative mood and letting it affect my day and theirs, I can now easily and very quickly move passed the emotion and handle the situation effectively and appropriately.

If you have related to anything I've written, get in touch with Farah. Hopefully, you get the same results.


My lack of self confidence & self belief was so debilitating that it had become a way of life for me that I could see no way out of it. After having witnessed first hand the remarkable changes in a close relative who had attended sessions with Farah, I recognised there was hope for me too.

I had no idea what to expect, but learned very quickly that all I needed to do was trust in the process, have an open mind and a willingness to put the work in. I’ve had approx 8 sessions in total and from the very first one I noticed positive shifts which have benefited me both personally and professionally. Even just by focusing on one area,  I have found that other aspects of my life have also improved. For example, if I made the smallest mistake at work, I would crucify myself for days and find myself awake in the early hours rehashing the situation until I drove myself crazy. Quite quickly this changed for me, and for what was once a regular occurrence, I truly can’t remember the last time something bothered me enough to disturb my sleep.  


With Farah’s help I have become so much calmer, more self assured and a much improved version of myself all round … I’m now excited to see what the future has in store for me. I cannot recommend Farah highly enough, she is passionate about her work, a true professional and an inspiration to work with!


I cant thank Farah enough! The whole experience was a pleasure and I felt so at ease during the sessions. I have already experienced several big shifts. I will definitely book again to continue our work together.


Farah has created a safe space for me to finally address my trauma. Not only this but she has helped with my depression, anxiety, insomnia and other things such as fear of flying. After years of being misdiagnosed with various mental health illnesses and on numerous medications, I’m now medication free and have started a new job and travelling the world. All this couldn’t be done without Farah. I have tried many therapies and Counselling previously including EMDR with no benefits, and all resulted in negative impacts on my mental health. Hypnotherapy has allowed me to make massive changes in such a short space of time and has truly turned my life around. Farah is easy to talk to, welcoming and a safe space. She is extremely experienced and professional. Hypnotherapy allows you to deal with trauma but in a more constructive and positive way. I could not recommend anything more!


I have had 8 hypnotherapy sessions in total with Farah. Farah allowed me to feel calm and relaxed in her presence. Her calm and warm approach made me feel at ease throughout my sessions. Hypnotherapy has changed my life and has given me great hope and prospects for my future. Before I met Farah I had no confidence, no self esteem, no self worth and doubted my every move. I can now say with confidence that I love myself, who I am and have great prospects for my future. Would highly recommend, I will certainly be returning to Farah in the future.


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Reiki & Crystal Therapy

Testimonials: Testimonials

Farah makes you feel welcome and takes the time to get to know you as a person, so that she can guide you to the best treatment for your needs. The treatment room and couch are really luxurious and make any treatment in there a relaxing experience. I'm already booking my next session!


I have just had my first Reiki session with the beautiful Farah. Farah explained everything to me and discussed what would happen during the session. I felt so relaxed and at ease. I would highly recommend going.


Such a wonderful experience. It was my first ever reiki session and it was amazing. Farah explained everything so well and made me feel amazing with both the therapy and the personal touch. Highly recommend.


Testimonials: Testimonials

Oh my. I just had my first reiki/crystal therapy session and to say it was amazing is an understatement.  Thank you Farah. Your knowledge and professionalism are out of this world. I was so impressed with the whole experience and knowing it was my first time you explained everything in great detail.


Well first of all Farah is lovely. She explains her background and how it links to her and fully explains the treatment you will receive. And no treatment is the same it is fully tailored to your circumstance and what you want to get out the experience. Going to my first session I knew a little of what to expect but I was convinced I wouldn’t get the same reactions that others had had. I felt that my anxiety was too great to ever have the therapy be effective. How wrong I was! I felt the outbursts of emotion that came out of nowhere and I felt the heat from her hands very intensely in addition to some other feelings and sensations. And her conclusions in her discussion after the therapy were insightful and very accurate. And even two days out of the session...I feel more energised and more “awake” than I have in years! I will definitely be returning.


I can't recommend this lady enough...I didn't know what to expect at all I just knew in myself something wasn't right. I felt that all the negative things that had affected me over the years had stayed with me and was becoming damaging to me. I couldn't read any more and had begun to lose trust in my intuition. My anxiety had become a problem too. The reiki crystal session blew my mind. I physically felt the hot balls of energy on my chakras I felt my body trembling I literally felt awakened. The reiki seems to have helped with more than what I went for and after a rough couple of days where I began to deal with buried emotions I literally feel like "the old me" I've began reading again too and I have already booked my next session. I'm literally amazed.


Put me at ease & explained everything thoroughly before she began.
Wow what can I say I could feel the energy from my head (I do suffer with stress and over thinking things) so think she had her work cut out. As she worked on rest of me I dozed off a couple of times as I felt extremely relaxed. I just felt like a weight had been lifted from me. I’ll definitely be returning.


Wow. I’m just going to start it with that. I’d never had a Reiki session before so didn’t know what to expect. Farah sat me down and went through what she would be doing and why, and asked me if there was a particular reason, I was coming that day. We discussed my reasons and then got to it.

I was so pleasantly surprised and impressed that Farah spent more time than ‘usual’ because I needed it. I fully believe this too. The reasons I came were not the main Chakras that Farah needed to spend time on. I felt instant heat on my Solar Plexus Chakra (most definitely not the reason I came). I had jeans, a thick jumper and a blanket between me, and Farah’s hands. The energy I felt is hard to put into words!

At the end Farah wrote some notes and told me to relax before getting up, and when I did, I told her about my experience (there was much more than this, but I’ll touch on this bit for the sake of this review). To my surprise, Farah was nodding along to pretty much everything I was saying. She then showed me the notes she had just written which corresponded to everything I had felt, but from her point of view. I was a little gobsmacked to say the least!

I slept really well that night. Farah told me that too!!

Overall, it was an amazing new experience for me, and one that I want to repeat time and again! Fully recommended.


Testimonials: Testimonials
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